Never climbed before?

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First step:  A sport  for everyone

Bouldering consists in climbing without a rope, on a wall up to 4.5 metres high, with padded mats beneath climbers to absorb their falls.

Unlike route climbing, it can be practiced without a partner and in complete autonomy. Maniak accompanies you in your beginnings with a discovery session during your first visit. 

Second step: what kind of coaching do I want?

Climbing is sometimes considered an extreme sport but actually involves very little risk. 

Nevertheless, basic gestures are essential and must be mastered in order to evolve in complete safety.

3 choix s'offrent à vous pour apprendre ces gestes de base

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Book a free 15-minute initiation. Upon arrival, simply pay your entrance fee and if necessary the equipment rental. Please specify at the reception you come for initiation. Once completed, you will be able to climb autonomously. 

Duration : 15 min 
Price : included in the entrance fee!
→ 6 pers. max.

Book a free initiation

Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes

Private coaching

However, if you wish to be guided for your first steps in bouldering, book a private lesson. An instructor will be entirely dedicated to you. He will teach you the basics of the sport and the safety rules to follow.

Duration : 1 hour

Price: 40€ for 2 pers. (entrance and equipment not included)
→ 15€ / add. pers.

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Unlike route climbing, bouldering can be practiced alone. You can climb and progress on your own. Take a session and meet other climbers for a sportive exchange moment. 

Duration: no time limit
Prices: See gym's prices

→ Max. 12 pers.

I come to climb in complete autonomy.

Third step: come climbing

Get your sportswear on and grab your water bottle: you can now get started!

Upon your arrival, we will create you a customer file; you will then be able to accrue loyalty points.

Pay the entrance fee, rent the equipment if necessary and above all, enjoy your session!

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A few boulder rules

Peut-on prendre une impulsion sur le sol pour démarrer un bloc ? Peut-on s'aider d'une paroi lisse ? Tous ces détails ne sont pas toujours intuitifs 😅
Notre chef ouvreur Manu nous explique quelques règles du bloc. 
Après avoir vu cette vidéo, vous ne douterez plus sur la manière de bien commencer un bloc 😊



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